that pretty much sums up my life now. surprisingly it’s not because of thia. dia still lg behave, tak bnyk ragam which makes me wanna write about her. lets. abaikan dulu tajuk tu.

  • thia suka tido. she sleeps a lot. like a lot. masa the first 3 months, she will sleep for 4 hours, bangun for feeding and immediately tido blk. harus mcm tido spnjg hari mcm tu, except for that 10 to 15 mins of feeding time.
  • dia juga suka mandi, lama2 pun takpe. cuma mmg kena ada water heater la. if not she’ll screaming her lungs out. nangis betul2 ni. mcm kena pukul ke ape. few times bile kena pergi public toilet bole denga dia nangis raung2. haish.
  • she’s now almost 5 months. so far dia selsema dah 3 kali.the first time was obviously the worst. nangis tak bole tido sbb hidung sumbat. masa tu google baby center but it doesn’t help much. i didn’t took her to clinic also sbb nak bg dia fight off the virus herself. chewah. the second time dah ok dah, sbb dr bagi saline drop tu. effective but carefull not to overdo it. nanti stuffed nose might get worse. baca kat babycenter ni. other than that thia is a healthy baby. alhamdullillah. the strawberry hemangioma tu pun doesn’t grow much. i’m really a happy mother.
  • i managed to breastfed her till she was 2 months old. lps tu dah start campo2. bile dah start kena outstation pergi offshore lg, terus berhenti. mmg kena mentally prepared and strong. i think i gave up easily, kalau semangat lebeh sket mesti bole. so thia minum formula la skrg and she hasn’t start taking any solid food yet. later la. lgpun she’s doing fine w enfalac. nanti kite tggu apa kata dr ok.
  • i want to share these two brilliant products; first diapers. thia been using huggies since birth, ada sekali tuka drypers sbb dulu thia mcm halus je, so huggies selalu bocor. tp drypersnye sticker tu slalu failed. bnyk yg tak bole pakai so i started using huggies again and am so loving it. the best ever huggies ultra. kalau kat tempat lain mahal sket (around $40 for size M40) but i bought them at speed 99 $28 je for M40. huggies ultra using all this organic stuff so apart from being super absorptive it’s also hypoallergenic. i love it. love love love it. second one is bud’s baby cream. organic base so i have no problem to apply the cream on thia’s face. dulu masa breastfed, dia kena rashes kat muka. sapu cream tu ari ni, insyallah esok hilang. cool kan? pastu cream ni applicable from head to toe, since i don’t like diapers cream (because of the cream thickness); this cream really comes in handy. lebih kurang mcm all in one la cream ni and who doesn’t like that kan?.

hahaha, sudahnye cerita psl thia jugak… mak-mak sgt. okla nak cite sikit psl keje.

come new year, i’m assuming a new task. rasa mcm susah jek but knowing my boss, i think i can cope. no pressure but of course he expected me to deliver. his comment during my last year assessment was i need to be more in the know. to talk to those managers and able to convey my ideas well, so this year i have this bi-weekly analysis i need to present to them. me, alone. so far the crowd was pretty much tough. ada jek comment and cynical remarks, but i’ll survive. being the only girl in the group really help alot. tee hee. equality konon and yet i prefer to be treated this way.

everyday, i have a production morning meeting to attend. started before 8 this meeting can really be dragged up to lunch hour. meeting ni dtg tunjuk muka je, and kadang2 kena ckp sket2 supaya nmpk poyo depan org production. we will call each of our platform for any updates on production or issue. and biasalah, kalau dah nama lelaki, most of the discussion will somehow deviate to ‘oh-duduk-offshore-adalah-gersang’. lame lah.

so, kerja adalah penat skrg. maka harus berangan2 nak ke over sea. konon2 release tension. before i go, here’s thia in my favourite shot. 😀


thia – 4 months

td stress sunnguh kat office. lack of sleep and kena pulak analysed one whole year set of data. rasa nak golek2 and tido bwh meja. but then, received notification on bb ‘basit alba uploaded 5 new photos of you’. 😀

dalam hati jerit kuat2 ‘THERE’S NOTHING I CANT DO EVEN WHEN THE WORLD SEEMS GLOOMY AND BLURRY (sbb ngantuk nak mampos)’

thanks Thia, you really definitely rocks my world. heart big big.

Riri turns three owh…

ahah, semua org busy ngan phone masing2. we might look detached here in this photo but we are connected in so many ways. these are my friends. my truly best friends. i love them to bits.

happy birthday riri.

thank you for everything.


thia is here

well, my last post was on my big day. the day i got married. it has been a very long break since then.

now, it’s about time to share my another big day, the day i gave birth to thia. eceh….

ok, lets start way back before that;

exactly two months after getting hitched, i decided to pee on a stick, w/o anyone knowing including basit. i was pregnant! i told him a few weeks later and of course he was quite pissed being left out like that. tee hee, sorry.

just when i entered my 3rd month, it was then i started to share the big news with my few close friends. jinxed la konon.

me and basit did some survey on where to go for my prenatal checkup and that’s how we ended up at dr. siti zaleha’s clinic @ tawakkal. it was always a simple and direct session with her, checking on my condition (bp, weight and pregnancy symptoms) and scanning my tummy. she told us that my EDD will be on 2 Oct 2011. she will always explained on baby’s development and what to expect on our next checkup. maybe sbb both of us are so new to this, we barely have any questions to ask.

i was quite weak during my first trimester. suke tido kat surau. and my diet was entirely depends on mesra’s nasi lemak. oh, my love-hate relationship with spicy food embarked then. i can only eat spicy food but i can’t stand the heartburn. who can anyway?

my second trimester was an easy one. my tummy wasn’t that obvious until i reached my sixth month. masa tu dpt all sort of remarks from people in the office. ‘eh, bile you kawen?’ – hahahaha, i know… ada org tak dijemput g titiwangsa :p and my most favourite one ‘shikin, what the hell happen to you?’. we basically learnt that we gonna have a baby girl, i can still remember when dr. siti explained in details which one is right and left labia from the scanned image of my tummy.

it was tough during my last trimester. i gained 20 kg (i was 46kg before pregnancy) towards my ninth month and had to endure a pelvic pain. sakit wei. kalau salah bangun mcm rasa nak tumbuk dinding. hehehehehehe. no peculiar craving or mabuk tak tentu hala. bila dah dekat EDD, dr will do vaginal examination to make sure the baby is properly descend. not happening, so i was advised to do a lot of squatting. leteh i tell you. and this is also when i started my obsession with haslam’s mee bandung,  i just need to have them every time i’m done with my checkup.

so, 2nd of october fell on sunday, obviously the clinic was closed on that day. dr. siti scheduled for me to meet her the next day. still there was no sign of me to be in labour yet. no contraction, no bloody show, no mucus plug .another VE and the baby’s still high in my womb. so she sent me back and set another appointment on 4th.

4th october 2011, still no obvious sign and the baby’s not descending. i asked for a cesarean section – ‘tak payahla. kita cuba dulu ok’ was dr. siti response. she then suggested me to be induced, it will trigger the contraction and help baby to engaged into labour position. i said yes please. i was induced at around 10 am. oh before that dia bg ubat berak. amazing!! masukkan ubat terus rasa urge and clearkan perut within a minute. dr. kata the medication for inducing will take effect within 6 hours, so no eating for me. baring dlm labour ward, tak bole makan waiting for so called contraction to take place.  walopon ECG tu bunyi mcm nak gempak, but takde ape pun. i didn’t feel any difference and it started to worry basit. he actually drive back home, took his mother and buat solat hajat. he’s actually panicking. heheheheh, poor basit.

by 6 pm, dr. siti kata takpela. stay ward mlm ni, esok mesti deliver. i was a bit dissapointed tp rasa lapar overtook everything.  makanya mkn mee bandung lg la. :D. since haslam is only a few steps away, i decided to walk. masa jalan tu rasa sakit perut dah, but to me it was maybe due to gas. satu hari tak mkn, harusla masuk angin. jalan2, berenti, jalan2, berenti. hish, dasat masuk angin ni. redah jugak la makan mee bandung. masa makan bole bediri plak, sbb sakit perut. thinking that i might need a rest, i rushed back to the room. takde la rush pun, sbb jalan sikit je pastu berenti. dlm bilik, i locked myself in the bathroom. satu sbb tak nak minum minyak ngan telur yg MIL bwk. yuckss. satu lg sbb rasa mcm nak terberak tp takde ape pun. lama gak la dlm toilet smpi MIL bising. hehehehehe. then midwife masuk nak psg ECG. masa tu br terasa ‘oh ni kot contraction’. but that bloody ECG machine mmg mcm herem, takde bende pun bila midwife check. dia kata mild jek. i immediately ask for epidural. she said no sbb br 3 cm. arghhhh…. nasib baik lps tu dr siti dtg. when i said i’m in pain, dia bg injection. which made me very sleepy. so i was asleep in between contraction. walopon tak berkesan sgt, tp bole la layan. i was tightly holding on to basit’s pants. kalau pegang tgn takut lebam plak, baca dr pengalaman org kan. tiap kali contraction dtg, i pulled his pants like crazy. around 8 pm mcm tu, my parents arrived. masa tu sakit dah, tp sbb effect ubat tak abes lg. bole tahan smpi 10 pm.

by 10 pm i think the contraction interval was getting closer. so i called midwife sbb dr. siti dah blk dah. dia kata, ok dah 6 cm. again i asked for epidural. hehehehe. dia kata tak bole dah, epidural should only be given before 6 cm. what???? takut ok, i have a very low tolerance towards pain. masa operation appendix, nangis2 dasat tau. midwife asked me to get ready to be transferred to labour room. i opt to walk. jalan slow2, tuka baju and baring atas katil yg dah alas plastic. i was the only one yg in labour that time. midwife sebok dah call dr. siti. rumah dr. siti kat setiawangsa, tp punye la lama nak sampai tawakkal. the pain at this point mmg tak bole describe. they have this gas that supposedly numb the pain a lil bit. tak berkesan pon. susah nak inhale properly masa i was frantically in labour pain around 11, kena tahan the urge to push sbb dr. tak sampai lg. impossible la nak tahan, i don’t really tahan pun. midwives (this time ada 2 org dah) je sebok kepit kaki aku. i didn’t yell but made this weird ‘hmmphhh’ sound. i even made an effort to ask basit if i was too noisy. he said ok, tak kuat sgt. hahahahahaha.

pukul 12.30 kot dr. siti sampai. finally, i was put into labour position, and were asked to push. dr. siti and the two midwives were very supportive. lembut je bahasa. i think it was the easiest part for me. 2 times and suddenly a baby girl was placed onto my chest. no tears. from me neither the baby. just a sense of relief.

i couldn’t sleep at all that night. still trying to digest the fact that i’m someone’s mother. i still do until now. 🙂

that’s how i gave birth to my precious little baby;

thia marissa

2.97 kg

1.19 am 5th oct 2011

eat + drink + be married.

we can never thank you enough for coming & be part our big day. the wishes, the gifts, the time spent, the thoughts, the prayers & of course all the help over the past few weeks. it’s been a major fun. we will never forget each & everyone of you.


thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


am getting married

the place has been booked. the cards are all printed. said yes to the caterer. been to two tailors, each for baju nikah and reception dress. found the matching shoes.

bought a beautiful head gear. boxes full of wedding favours. one favourite singer.


surprisingly thousands more to do.


the date: 1st january 2011, saturday

the time: 8.00 pm onwards

the place: taman tasik titiwangsa


you’ll be invited. will drop by your inbox soon. pretty soon.


till then.


the man. the friend. the smile. and a cup of cappuccino.

taufiq shariff

[01.01.83 ~ 16.10.10]


i remember when we first met for the first time after 10 years. starbuck klcc. i bought him a cup of cappuccino and paid the cashier with lots of RM1 notes.  it was the only money that i had. but i promised him i’ll buy him a coffee. so i did.

we walked passed each other as he always had this meeting to attend in tower 1. meeting – the only thing he can do best. the cruel jokes i kept on telling him. but he gets it. he laughed it off, even at my cruel uncool obviously unfunny jokes. and damn, he sure was a funny man himself with that quirky smile.

i promised him i’ll buy  audi a4. i promised him i’ll help him to land a job in my company. i promised him i’ll call back. i promised him i’ll try harder. but i didn’t keep my promises. i should.


you will be missed. you will be remembered. thank you for letting us be part of your life.

we love you. always.


eid mubarrak

this is our hari raya. we do it our way.

selamat hari raya, mohon ampun dan maaf atas segala kesalahan dan kekurangan.

we’re happy. we hope you’re happy too.

shikin & basit


bila nak kawen ni?

soon bebeh, soon….

waddup shikin?

days of blogging are definitely numbered… heck!

for the past few months, i managed to be as boring as i could and do nothing except work my ass off. albeit the motion sickness, those many-many chopper rides were something i can be proud of.

enjoice the view from up there;

oh, i chopped off my hair and suddenly i’m 18 again.

p/s: selamat menyambut ramadhan al-mubarrak.