the odd odd cat

tis is my cat… i called him ding goo ding or gooding for short… he’s an odd odd cat… he doesn’t seem to realize that he’s… well for a start a feline… he doesn’t do any meow or make any attempts to talk like cat… i mean meowing la… dia hanya mengeluarkan sejenis bunyi mcm vibrating.. am i describing tis right?… hahahaha.. i don’t know…
he doesn’t like fish and only drinks from gayung kaler kuning that cause my mom to buy another gayung kaler purple to avoid conflict with gooding… when he’s done with his business in the litter box, he will frantically try to cover the waste by scooping his hand in the air instead of scooping the litter sand… die takut tgn die kene bhn buangan sendiri so die berlakon mengambus just for the sake of mengambushampeh
nway, here’s a pic of him in the paper boat my father made, he just sit in and doze off… what an odd odd cat…

2 thoughts on “the odd odd cat

  1. Bradpetehoops says:

    A nice blog!

  2. ein asari says:

    hohoho… really?… thanks 🙂

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