better behind wheels : basit vs shikin

being a fact, we can’t stand each other way of driving… always there was session of yelling to one another citing how exactly we should do cornering and even shifting a gear… bapak tension… memekak dlm kete which i’m pretty sure a situation you always get caught into…
i have to admit, i’m terribly bad driving a manual…. mcm haram… i create such a noise every time i shifted gear… my father’s old proton, uncle’s honda and for coz basit’s savvy… so when its time to buy a car, i opt for AT la… (i have this idea of all the kewl cars are mostly AT, dreaming of owning one i bought something that resemble a close feeling to drive one of those – hahaha series a lame excuse) in short I CAN’T DRIVE MANUAL LA… but i remember first time i’ve learnt to drive manual, it was riri who thought me with her white kelisa… thanks riri… you r good teacher tho’…
hence today, getting around in conggested kl was a breeze… tak yah lenguh2 nak shift gear (another lame excuse)… and as i become better with roads and junctions… so is my driving skills… (approved by abah, of course not mak, naja, mamat, ummie, nenek, abo, kawan2 angah and kak linda)… and being offended, basit selalunya tak kasi aku drive… sebab kete aku auto, dia suke main tukar2 gear to get the feeling of driving a manual… mengarut… so we end up yelling at each other all the way…
aku: ‘ bg signal dulu la br corner’
basit:’dah bg la’ (which is a mere second before cornering)

aku: ‘ jgnla suke tukar gear tibe2′
basit: (shifting with a style from ‘D’ to ‘3’) ‘nak corner kenala tukar gear’ (but you’re driving auto la saiko)

arghhhhhh….. i know for sure i’m a better driver….


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