the pathetic transporter

of late, i had to drive people around a lot… sending my sis to college which is daily, my bro to steven corner (mak tak kasi dia bwk moto, takde lesen), angah to tasik putri (unofficial planner to kipen’s wedding) and recent, basit to his workplace (his savvy;s fan broke due to insufficient battery supply). considering betapa panasnya cuaca dewasa ini, i always ended up swearing behind my wheel…. i guess the heat turns us all into a crap driver…. why do you thinks its OK to stay stagnant in the middle of one lane road and yell at me to overtook his car when there was a gigantic bus coming on the opposite way?…. bapak bongok… regardless how gracefully aging and smart the man look, i gave him a good ‘WTF‘ as i passed by (he finally pulled aside)…. darn, what have i turned into….

driving during a cold rainy night doesn’t be much different btw… ada satu hari tu, ’bout 2 in the morning, basit called and ask to pick him up… since the place is nearby to my house, i gave it a go tho driving alone in the wee hour doesn’t sound like a good idea… tp sape nak amek basit pun kan pagi2 buta ni?… jln mase gelap kat parking lot mmg creepy…. all the stuff animal they put on the dashboard mcm hidup jek… so i’m keeping in mind, a teddy bear is sooo not belong on the dashboard, apart from being seriously scarry in the dark, ia juga tempat mengumpul habuk yg efektif…. tak sesuai untuk pernafasan memandu di hari yg panas terik…..

as i frantically pressing the accelerator, tetibe jek ada satu motor tak idup lampu lalu kat depan…. ya allah…. seb baik aku ada skill memandu yg tahap dewa…. why are we the one who always risau nak mampus for the motorcyclist nih… diaorg ada ilmu kebal ke?… nak test power sagat kepala kat bumper kete sgt?…. dah la mase tu ujan… gelap… so sebab takut i only drove 40km/h ok… series slow… hahahaha…. the road doesn’t provide much help either….kiri kanan penuh ngan construction site… gelap gilosh…. aku sorang 2 jek kat atas jalan…. gile bapak banyak antu berjalan-jalan (ye ke?… nampak ke?)
aku: ‘saya tak nak amek awak la esok, lmbat gile balik… naik cab je la…’
basit: ‘keje dah siap… tak yah pegi dah’
in graphic: on the way to kajang… amek result spm mamat

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