side incision part I

i can’t imagine how i managed to make a fool out of myself over n over again… thinking too hard not to look incredibly stoopid will surely make u ended up looking like one… ironic ey?… why do i brag ’bout tis anyway…

well there is one stall kat klinik pusrawi jln ipoh yg jual ayam goreng yg bapak sedap… (well to me la, mane tau org lain try kang ckp aku overrated lak) so, with the good repo… the queue has always been a mile long… surprisingly u will get freshly fried chicken everytime (pakcik tu tak bole buat stock due to ongoing cust)… meaning siap goreng jek kena trus serve la…

30 minutes of good standing in line will earned you few pieces of smoking hot fried chicken beautifully placed in a small paper bag… worth it!!! i forgot to mentioned that i was with basit when this incident occured… those early days of our dating phases… the phase where sms and phone call still matter… 🙂

with the bag of chicken still in my hand, bapak lapa, i just grabbed a piece and stuffed it into my mouth… what a stoopid stoopid thing to do when the chicken was still frickin hot… trying to look sweet n lovely in front of basit, i continue the stunt… biting the chicken while anxiously trying to keep my lips from making any contacts with the chicken… making ‘ssssssss’ sound all the way….

the worst part is, if u ever want to pull this act (like in case la).. please bear in mind that it will makes your mouth sedikit ternganga which eventually will allowed your saliva to slowly oozed out… the heat from the chicken will only make things worst… somehow it will diluted your saliva and things will get messy hereafter… really messy..

i was like drooling all over the chicken… not only on the one i’ve picked up but the whole bag ok… sebab aku tadah mulut aku ngan paper bag td… all of this glorious moment was witnessed by basit peacefully (he’s still in the jaga hati phase that time)..

heh, harusla dia kate dah kenyang… langsung tak tgk ayam goreng yg lazat tu… RUGI beb…


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