28.03.09 – the dark hour

today i believe we managed to convey a very very strong statement… malaysian can be united!!! 🙂 hahahaha… moved by my own optimistic perception, i snapped a few photos… tho’ gambar2 ini sgtla low quality as i only managed to find my phone in d dark (phone akak cume 5.0 megapix je ye)… mane ntah letak camera… cesss…..
in graphic:
  1. those very dark sky is where klcc and kl tower supposed to be seen on a very bright nite which simply be everynite la as we r freakin living in the middle of kl… city of lite
  2. those perfectly lit building is a bunch of flat yg seriusly tak sporting… ntah ape2…

did u switch off?


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