a voyage…

everyday, going to workplace is a hard work… it’s a 2 hours journey btw… and how do i get to lcct everyday? by a bus… driving will be too tiring and not to mention costly… here’s what happen in between;

6:30 am – getting up and getting ready. i didn’t need to give much thots of what to wear as everyday is casual day…. yeay!!! u no wat, even during olympic (august), tony ask everyone to wear sports attire to work… i’ve heard they r looking forward for swimsuit week… hahahah, u wish la… on normal day, jeans and appropriate top (t-shirt mcm casual sgt lak kan?) is good enuf.. and shoes, u can’t go pass the airport security to apron area w/o shoes… so i always end up wearing my black converse everyday.. w/o fail..
7:15 am – drove to nearest lrt station with a higher chances of parking space (either kg. bharu or wangsa maju) and took a train to kl sentral. i love being part of daily commuters.. with the crowd and the morning rush… serius mcm dlm one of those movies… good place to observe human behaviour also… i’ve come across a bunch of japanese speaking malays (pelik kan?), an indian and chinese couple with their helplessly cute daughter, one handsome mat salleh with a gigantic backpack but i swear he smell like a dead dog.. and on few occasions a very-very smart lad in his power suit, a black berry and mont blanc briefcase… he smile a few times at me, but that’s just how far it goes… sigh… i reached sentral bout half an hour later…
7:57 am – the only place i’ll have my breakfast in the morning, mcdonald!!!!… only because they’re the fastest as compared to others… 5 minutes and i’m good to go… sausage mcmuffin + hash brown + coffee (the perk!) for $4.60… should i have extra time to spare (it happen like once coz i’m forever late), i’ll be surely headed to Warong Kita (level 1)… the best nasi lemak and tea tarik… fully equipped with my breakfast, i boarded sky bus (the red bus by air asia)…

8:05 am – the bus should be leaving the sentral by now… and as it makes its turn at little india, i’d be happily sipping my hot coffee… and i can’t help but be grateful to the creator of the cup cover (cover with the slurping hole.. mmhmm.. it doesn’t sound appropriate at all)… a spill-free experience… during my early days, once i tapau this hot milo in the ‘conventional’ styro cup with a uncool cover and get on board… due to the nature of the journey, most of the milo ended up on my blouse… and mind u, the milo is still smokin hot… as the journey will approximately take 1 hour (the bus speeding like crazy – 140 km/h), i will retired to my book (currently being ‘The School of Charm & Beauty’) or just listen to my mp3 player (Simon & Garfunkel ‘s The Sounds of Silence :))… sometimes others peculiar conversation will make my day… the most interesting one should be on which bikini to wear in phuket by a bunch of soft-spoken men…. i hold my laugh that my seat was visibly shaking..

9:06 am – reached lcct, pays $ 4.00 for my fare (half price for staff) and heading towards main terminal… air asia x head office is act. in main building and very2 unfortunate for me, engineering office is in apron area (aircraft maintenance area).. which is the white building in the middle of the runways… the other glitch of this part is the only way to get there is passing thru the airport security… :(… mcm nak check in flight jekkena raba everytime u make an entrance or exit everyday is soooo not fun… and if u notice there is also a long-long walk to the aircraft (well in my case, the office)… being late, walk fast is a must… but hey, no punch card in air asia… just make sure u r not bump into ur boss la… kalau tak menjawab beb…

so that is how i got to work everyday… the journey back? owhs it was so liberating i can sums it up by this picture taken from a bus window while sitting next to a cute pilot… nuff said 🙂

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