the play on sunday

life doesn’t goes according to plan… well that’s the beauty of it… to not knowing what is behind every door… yet i can see that coming… a major drama last sunday, at zufri & riri’s house… this was the day i promised riri i will do all the cooking and she can have her few winks undisturbed… but that was maybe something too much to asked… i can’t afford to brake this promise, no, after a bunch of broken ones i must made it even if i have to walk to kelana jaya… so, even after the biggest fight ever (all the yelling and screaming) i still insisted on going to riri’s house despite all the consequences…
i feel sorry for all my dear friends (riri, zuri, alif, leo, anis and esp. emma) that they have to witness such the unnecessary outcomes due to my personal issue… but it was hell a damn good story to be told many years to come kan?… (at least alif will brag bout this for 2 weeks)

above all, it was a great lunch party for me (i have not been socializing for such a long time, so forgive me for feeling so great bout it :))… the lasagna wasn’t that bad but if i had cooked the noodle properly (it was stick to one another) and get all the cheese i can afford, it should turns out better… and the pudding… owh the bread pudding… sorry riri… i felt soo bad bout the pudding… it was so cair, it should be called ‘hot milk with bread and custard’… super failure… but i gotta give it an ‘A -‘ for the taste and the sauce… next time we really should mixed the custard flour beforehand…

well, if i have the opportunity last sunday, this is what i really wanted u to know;

riri – you looked great, you have a fantastic emma and zufri… your house is in the way of becoming your dreaming pad (hahahaha, i wish).. i love your wedding album… sgt cantik and lovely and meriah… how i wished i was there… you looked fab on those photo (rozek is one hell of a photographer) :p.. and seriously you live your life as u wish… that is the most important part…

zufri – kau gemuk (hahahahahahaha)

alif – glad to know u r happy, and if u don’t u know where to find me (facebook ok)…

leo – thanks for making alif happy… u r lovely and full of fun… nice to know u… 🙂

anis – it’s awkward… but happy… it’s happily awkward… aku rindu nak gelak kuat2 ngan kau sbenanye… next time maybe…

emma – owh… u r so precious… how lucky for ur parents to have u… perfect lil’ angel.. i know what to get u now… XOXOXOXO

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