ladang sebenar…

my internet connection has not been kind to me last few days, it has failed me far too often… hence, i kind of let go loads of grumps/comments i was constantly planning to put up in my blog… it does makes me uneasy i might say, unable to share all the nasty conversation i got caught in with the rest of the world… sigh… leaving that behind, let me tell u ’bout our recent form of interest. ‘our’ being me & basit…

real estate. hehehehe, probably by now some of u might have been familiar with the idea of basit’s getting_rich_the_fast_way.. so it was really not a big surprise if real estate be one of it…

having almost no experience (once i’ve listen to group of men negotiated the price with the landlord :P), i agreed to help basit with the meetings, sites visit and hundreds of phone answering routines. it was really-really tiring. we were driving up & down kl, kajang, gombak, semenyih, hartamas (to name a few) and its obviously has been considered as my leisure activities on weekend. sedeh kan?

we had appointments been setup around the clock and yet, not a single piece of land/house/apartment is successfully sold. and did i mentioned, basit also help sells car too?…

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