5 things i’d loved to hate…

i know, i know… nobody really give a damn on a list of things that i loathe… but based on a fact that i also rarely put a thought on what u think, this post definitely get a go… (wah, mcm gangster kan?)

  1. i hate any shows/movies/dramas/esp. song that had aznil on/in it. i hate the way he speak, u know it when somebody is trying too hard…
  2. i also hate paula abdul… why does she clapped like a seal? and please paula, get straight to your point.. ‘a genius doesn’t exceed expectations, a genius shattered them’… yeah, but the point is?…
  3. i hate motorcyclist. it’s wrong to label all of them as psychedelic ignorant, but i got ramp into by a motorcyclist when my car wasn’t even moving while he rode his motor facing backward on one way street.. it was my brand new car btw…
  4. i hate my aunt for being so pathetic, spreading rumors bout my family, she even sms everyone right away after knowing somebody get into trouble.. ‘berita terkini, angah lari dari rumah’… owh,please get a life… (i even dedicated one of the post for her, yup.. i hate you that much)
  5. finally (really?)… i hate all the unnecessary drama in the office… it was so 1960… when all the women still clad in tight-ass kebaya and comparing whose got a sharper breast… yes, i’ve been promoted and no, not because boss likes me better… it’s merely because i finished the A340 reports…
i shouldn’t wasting my energy hating them when there’s so much they can hate ’bout me… life is about knowing for a fact that no one’s perfect and live with it… i realized that.. for sure… but what the heck?!… rasa sgt puas hati….

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