my mak been babysit last few weekends. for free. yup. it’s her way of friendly gesture to our neighbours as she hates attending any get-around/meeting they’ve organized. not a smart decision i say. so my days off are generously filled with screaming/running kids. ssoooo not a fan.

i can’t help but hate ’em. the kids not the days off. they are like screaming/knocking things/swearing around the clock. for a 6 years ol, they sure do swear a lot.

i mean watsup with kids these day. do they suffered from work stress or just being greatly affected by the economy?. surely their parents didn’t teach them to speak in such manner. they’re too busy to even talk. yelah, takkan hr sabtu pun nak soh org jg anak dia kan. mustila sibuk gile babs g keje.

i always love kids. i’m good with them. kan?. but slowly yet surely its all gonna changed. i think i’m scared of them.

p/s: kris, i’m so with u baby!


2 thoughts on “insignificant

  1. nurulazra says:

    woittt. camne mok jd emak org tokk???

  2. ein asari says:

    anak2 aku baik la… seperti aku… indah dan damai… awwww…

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