becoming jane

It’s has been a really-really tough weeks since I reached my 27th years of living. Where do I start?

Birthday celebration – Basit been a really sweetheart (yup, he can be sweet and charming sometimes, if u know what I mean). He actually wishes me Happy 22nd Birthday. Hohohoho. Sebaya ngan dia la pulak. And for the whole week, he took me for a fish frenzy treats. Big yeay since I’m a big fan. I have a favourite;
Fish & Salsa @ Cha Chams, Sri Rampai
Grilled Salmon @ Station 1, Sri Rampai
Salmon in Teriyaki Sauce @ Pepper Lunch, Pavillion – the best!

salmon in teriyaki @ pepper lunch

My grandma passed away – on 4th June she been admitted to HSA in JB and all of us heading back there the same nite. On a happier note, I was driving a S60 Volvo. The car is my uncle’s and it can hit 180km/h in no time. I need to drive back to KL the following day since my pshyco employer succeed in giving me the hard time taking emergency leave. On 6th, my grandma passed away in hospital due heart complication. Al-Fatihah. This time Basit accompanied me back to Johore.

can u see the speedometer?. that is exactly what i’m talking about.

I quit my job! – I took emergency leave and failed to inform my boss right away. Kate emergency leave kan?. The result is a few nasty phone calls and sms from his side. He was pretty upset since I left all the assignment w/o any updates to my colleague. Since I was obviously upset too, we exchange a few harsh words. Bullshit and fuck to named a few. Ganas ok. And finally I said/text him to be exact, ‘I QUIT THEN’. He replied back ‘OK, JUST PAY THE PENALTY AND RETURN ALL COMP. PROPERTIES (i.e. Med Card & Airport Tag). Huh, harapan la aku nak pulangkan balik kan. Lebih2 lagi bila penalty aku 3 months salary. Mampus…..

Surprisingly, I worked the next day – no, not at Air Asia X people… I received a phone call for an interview at Newfield on 4th. Since I’m in JB and have already quit my job, I arrange for the next day meeting. On 5th, I went to KLCC, 53rd Floor and after the interview session, they want me to start right away. Tuhan tau aku tak salah kan, so rezeki ada di mane2, bukan kat air asia x jek. It’s scary though thinking how I have made my reputation looks super bad in Air Asia X. I pray for the best and struggling to be in the happy thoughts this time being. Amin.

My new workplace – I can’t give away much except for how great it is to be here. Hehehehe. I had to get to 2 elevators to reach my office. First from mezzanine to 42nd floor and interchange at 42nd to 53rd floor. And I tell you peeps, it’s freakin’ cold up there (16 C), the only way to get heat up is going way down to the foyer in front of Suria KLCC. Tedious work for something I have been avoiding for last few months, heat. Oh, one more thing, I’ve finally work in Admin line. Yeay. I’ve been spelled it out to everyone esp. Riri (thanks eh makcik), how I want to be a clerk. And the icing on the cake is I only work for 4 and half day jek a week. Friday half day ok. Hahahahahaha.

Basit’s and The Proposal – we have been working very hard for our three projects (from Basit’s NuBreax comp.) since Jan ’09 to get a go from Prime Minister & DBKL. Last Monday, we received the approval and the next step as a money maker begins. Once the first cheque received aku belanja makan kat Station 1 yeh? Who’s in?.


2 thoughts on “becoming jane

  1. Inty Winty says:

    Station 1 tu katne?

    p/s : Kita masuk eh Makcik

  2. ein asari says:

    station 1 kat rampai business park @ sri rampai kl. just open early this month. ada live band. which is my cup of tea. and for course you're in makcik.

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