the french kiss lesson

Last Sat, I had first aid training in Bukit Tinggi. Being a first timer, I can’t help but complaint of how unreachable the place was. Jauh gilosh.

The whole lots of us being teach on how to perform a CPR and had our good chance to smudge the dummy with our spit.

We eat a lot there;

9 am – breakfast
10 am – tea break
12.30 pm – lunch
4 pm – tea break

Dush, kenyang giler babs.

The best part is always the photo session. Here we are, having a blast. Owh, how obvious… aku sgt hitam… darn!

In between session, I snap a few photos just to prove that I’m actually gifted.

Lastly, I’m planning for a vacation in Bali. Makcik, yok kite pegi.


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