saya tak tensi lagi….

this month been a quite weird month as my outlook & desk been overflowed by piles of resume. yup, there are 14 openings in my company (‘my’ being the worker obviously not the owner) so all this resume fiasco is kind of expected.
splitting the workload between me & shayna (my tall & hot colleague) *hoh, babe. did i sound gay?*, i’ve got to screen and log half of the position available (14/2 = 7 positions ok anak2). it’s a living hell i tell you. mula2 buat ala-ala carte je lakan. bace siket2, ada experience siket2, qualification ok, terus gi forward kat mereka yang mengambil berat (to those who concerned). tp harapan kena revert balik la kan.
‘shikin, please forward those who have experienced with oil & gas and PSC management only’
‘err, i did forward you those who meet your reqirement. how much experience are we talking here?’
‘at least 10 years’
‘hoh, okies’ (harusla yg experience 2-3 taun pun aku forward gak)
maka, pemburuan (hoh?) utk mencari yg terbaik pun bermula. sgt la menagih kederat aku utk membaca resume satu-persatu ok. lgpun everyone deserved an equal consideration & attention kan?. *tolongla percaya ayat ku ini* tp resume yg mmg tak user friendly sesungguhnya akan diberikan perhatian yg ala2 sajek ok. mungkin aku akan menyenaraikan ciri2 resume yg baaeeekk di kemudian hari. in case, ada yg interested.
first 2 days tu gagah la jugak kan nak belek satu-satu. masuk 3rd day harus malas nak layan. fyi, per day we received 100++ resume. hence per hour i must at least screen 20 resume. gila babs. nak dijadikan cerita, aku tak tensi langsung menjalankan amanah ini. why you may ask? *anggap jelah korang bertanye*
sebabnye, aku jumpe satu resume yg sgt menghiburkan, but i can only excerpt the content jelakan. P&C peeps. ok here we go.
OWN VEHICLE: None and do not have the finances to purchase my own car
Reason for leaving: On 21/6/06 Mr. Tan told me he would not pay me because I keep secrets from him and would not teach him how to use his computer. He said I have bad character, bad teamwork and he finds it difficult to work with me.
Reason for leaving: On turning up to work on 28/12/04 Mr. Tan asked me why I came to work. I said I didn’t know. He then paid me in cash before terminating me.
Reason for leaving: Resigned because advance could not be given and the instruction to do so from my father.
Reason for leaving: Resigned because Mr. Tan was finding it difficult to find the money to pay me and he said I was not working properly.
Reason for leaving: Resigned to look for other employment as I wasn’t very useful.
how weird that he kept on working for Mr. Tan years after years even Mr. Tan obviously doesn’t have any love for him. i very much enjoyed the decent honesty. hahahahaha, sgt jahat ok. anyways, you know how to contact me for elaborate details. till then, enjoy. owh, i never condone badmouthing people but sharing is always caring.
p/s: i’m going to cook for emms’ birthday. sgt excited okies.

2 thoughts on “saya tak tensi lagi….

  1. azra says:

    giler lawak babeng org tuhhh. aku nak keje ade ksg x?? huhuhu

  2. MELanies says:


    ini yang aku carikkkk!

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