"never been basited"

serious aku tiru title Gossip Girls… ‘never been marcused’ – season 2 episode 2… hahahaha, bajet cool… well, since ada nama basit, harusla aku nak cite pasal basit kan… layankan je la korang eh (aku sgt yakin blog aku ada 3 org reader saje, namely riri, anes dan azra. so i’m allowed to use ‘korang’)
  1. basit was name after Sheikh Abdul Basit ‘Abd us-Samad (1920-1988) (عبد الباسط عبد الصمد), who was a renowned Egyptian Qari.
  2. he is half malay & half punjab.
  3. kalau dia shave misai and janggut yg bersepah tu, serious muka dia mcm nenek dia… sgt jambu
  4. dia sgt obses menonton wayang and very fussy about it. no kids, no crowd, must be seated in the middle, large ice lemon tea, no talking, no handphone. the luxury of home i can say, so we always ended up watching the movie in cinema located in the middle of nowhere.
  5. he has a large collection of dvd. more than thousand. nak tgk cite ape? just bgtau jek. sure ade.*oppss sorry no foreign (non-english la) movie yet
  6. he loves picking his nose while driving. only while driving. and please, mesti korek hidung dr depan sebab kate basit kalau korek hidung dr tepi nanti lubang hidung akan jadi besar. hoh?
  7. he’s inpired to be a fashion police and one of his earlier case was, of course me. not that he’s good in fashion pon, perasan jek lebeh. suke jerit ‘fashion crime! fashion crime!’. gilo.
  8. suke makan ulam2 yang tak pernah aku denga namenye. ntah2 tak wujud kot. saje saiko aku. kerdas, selom, eh ke salem?, kaduk, cekur… ape ntah lg… mcm name kg kat perak jek….
  9. he took about 1 hour to get ready and i swear he wore perfume to sleep.
  10. he likes to add ‘n’ to make some words sound more italian or spanish or even french. versance, salvatoren ferraganmo, and mmmmm, oh bon jon (bonjour)… bole?
  11. greatly affected by those scary pix they put up on the cigarette packs
  12. thinks he look superb wearing his hair samurai style. u have no idea what samurai style is?. no one does.
so, that’s more or less who basit is all about. not interested. too bad, korang dah bace sampai abes pon…

p/s: daun selom la, salem tu rokok yg pompuan suke isap tu.

4 thoughts on “"never been basited"

  1. daun says:

    hahahaha.muka basit jambu ke? and aku paham pesen samurai dia tuh.hoh.samurai konon.

  2. bunga says:

    aku tau kau pasti akan paham. sebab kau cool mcm aku… samurai style konon..

  3. azra says:

    hehe. bukan ko pun same jerk???

  4. shikin hot says:

    rambut aku style carla bruni tak pon megan fox… sbb aku hot… sssssssss…

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