woot.. woot.. farah bill @ 050909

the 7 of us (me & basit: rir, zuf & emms: alif & leo: anes & imaginary kapel) had our buka puasa at farah bill cafe@ ttdi plaza last sat.

the cafe was easy to spot thanks to its gigantic ‘Farah Bill’ signboard. come early and u’ll find parking session is such a breeze or else you need to park inside plaza ttdi as this place is surrounded by bar & hang out place which surely be congested by nite…

the interior was superb… personally i love the couch and how they decorate the cafe… feel very homey… service pon sgtla friendly… the owner, Azura does frequent checking on us, asking whether the food is good, or any help that she can offer.. fyi, thinking of all the ridiculous things to ask, i asked for room temperature plain water… getis…

we having a blast, esp. me… it’s been a while since i have a good laugh with riri & anes… oh, alif & leo announced their enggagement there too… tergezut but equally happy for ’em… hahahahahahaha… mcm jeles pon ade gak… apsal ek?, aku dah tunang gak…

Congratulation Alif & Leo…… Happy engaged to each other”

basit surely enjoy the food. bnyk gak dia makan… ktorg mkn sket jek… somehow, i love the small range of food they’ve offer… banyak2 pon, dapat mkn siket jek, pasal dah kenyang…. favourite pick will surely be the coffee… not that $12.OO kind of coffee, it’s act. mcm kopi hang tuah… serious layan…

all and all, makan kat mane2 pon as long as u got the right company… everything else just fall into places… thanks korang… terbaeekk…

once done with dining and chatting, anes, basit and i decided to have a round of pool/snooker… hehe, tak baik tau bulan ramadhan ni lepak2 main snooker… tp anes kate kalau tak minum tak pe… hik hik hik… minum tea o ice limau bole ke anes?…

serious anes kalah kan basit… in all those 4 games. she beats me once tp sgt closed lah, both of us trying to hit the black ball… tp anes gak menang… rimas mak… REMATCH!!!!

p/s: iolls happy uolls… hik hik hik…

4 thoughts on “woot.. woot.. farah bill @ 050909

  1. Anies.Kamardin says:

    harusla rematch shikin.kenapa aku nampak mcm sasa sangat dlm gmbr pool tuh?

  2. aku pon flat jugek nok... says:

    hohohoho…. pasal kau 4 flat (silent 4)… hahahaha tp aku tetap sayang kat kau yg 4 flat…

  3. Inty Winty says:

    Apa yang 4 flat? Darn! Sangat ketinggalan!!

  4. ein asari says:

    ri, anes adalah flat (4 flat with silent 4)… not curvy cenggitu… cam aku la…

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