lost in connection…….


i’m barred by maxis from making any calls or replying any sms.
i’m also seriously broke as a result of celebrating eid ‘modestly’. that’s act. the profound reason of my silence.
i’m flattered by your concern over my absence online or over the wire. i didn’t know/ever imagine some one will miss me when i’m gone.
the only mode of communication i have in mind is telephatic. i’ve called everyone but no one’s answering.
i shall get back on my feet soon. very soon as payroll has been forwarded to bank as i type/speak.
thank you for your sms. you really made my day.

One thought on “lost in connection…….

  1. rawkstar says:

    i miss u. eventho i never sms u. but im waiting for u. i miss our lepaking session. perhaps u forgot about our re-match. do call me when ur line is back in action. take care sayang.

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