when you are ready and the world don’t

sat, 24th oct. 2009

meeting up w/ girlfriend, tyiana. having a blast watching pole dancing finale at neo lounge. a lady. 49 year ol’. clad in bra & panty, blown everyone away w/ her erotic dance on the pole. her abs?. to die for. wonder how do i look like when i’m 50?

sun, 25th oct. 2009

preparing for gothic partay. painted my nail black. bought yet another black top. went to watch ‘Inglorious Basterd’ @ pavillion. 8.00 pm. a call from my dad. my mom fainted. HBP. she’s fine but need to consume this big white pills every 4 hours. pity her. that pill’s surely gigantic.

no gothic partay. and i look freakin’ idiot dressing up at the hospital lobby.

p/s: i’m not ready. please wait for me. and anies, i luv u girl. happy birthday. mmuahhhs.

One thought on “when you are ready and the world don’t

  1. rawkstar says:

    tengkiu ash. semoga mak kau cepat sembuh.

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