.. i refused ..

i’m not a good advisor. believed me. i just tell you what you want to hear. if that makes me good. i’m guilty as charged. well that’s what i’m trying to convey.

because when you try seek for guidance, people tends to tell you what they heard from others. or from the drama they watched over the tube. ‘money is not everything’. try to say that to yourself when you have $ 2.35 in your account and 20 days to go before your pay day.

thus, i refused to ask for advice. i’ll just posted it on my status and let the comment comes in. where in many cases, it rarely happens.

2 thoughts on “.. i refused ..

  1. rawkstar says:

    aku rasa utk menenangkan org, better u let them hear what they wanna hear kan. hahahhhaha.

  2. tuan tanah says:

    but in your case, just sit back and have fun! all the best for the exam darling.

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