the day i decided to join power step

it’s been a while since my last trip to the gym. ok tipu. i’ve only been to the gym twice, once when i accompanied basit and that was a year ago and the second trip happen just last week. right after terry make a nasty comment about my yucky tummy.

‘hey, pegi power step tau, tgk perut you tu, tak cantik

as offended as i am, tyiana tagged along. being late, all the best spots were taken (in the middle, hidden from peering eye of people & where it’s ok to be sux) so we ended up being upfront. hehehehehe, instructor perasan terus sound,

‘for those who just join, maybe you can placed yourself where you can observed other better’

soh dok belakang la tu kan. ces. i managed to have a spot in between 2 aunties yg bersungguh2 nak tunjuk diaorg adalah frequent in the class.

lil bit bout the class. it was held in the corner of the gym right in front of the big mirror. everyone need to take their own step board (is that what you called ’em?) from the equipment area and placed yourself somewhere appropriate in front of the gigantic mirror. somewhere behind in my case.

the instructor, mutha (i hope i got your name right) is one hot lady. a good motivator. she’ll giving out instructions & teach us why are we doing all that jumping and stretching. and she sure know how to make us suffer.

the first step was a breeze. come on, like step up and down and make some movement w/ your hand to make it conveniently graceful. but how wrong i was, the moment mutha asked us to switch step from right to left. i was like ‘WOOOO, HOLD ON’ and lost. standing quietly trying to figure out which left was she’s talking about?.

and mutha added more movement and managed to make it looked ridiculously impossible to do. half an hour later, i was struggling to catch my breath. while it’s ok to give up (mutha said so but in more forgiving way. ‘don’t push yourself ok‘), i just can’t stop. why? because those two aunties showed no sign of deteriorating & boy they sure know how to work it out bebeh. i’ve pulled it off to the last step & just too freaking tired to stay for abs workout.

tyiana & i left early. spent more time in the shower than in the gym itself. long hot shower & we good to go. mcm ringan mcm tu. sihat jek. next week datang lagi kan babe.

guess where i was 5 minutes after that?. having a big plate of roti telur w/ plate of nasi lemak ayam. sigh…. sorry terry…


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