accidentally in love

last night, i had an accident, don’t worry i’m ok. but my car hasn’t been so lucky. and i doesn’t really have any intention to cite how i ended up w/ smashed fender and broken tyre. i’ve got no interest in doing so. cos what hit me harder is the fact that i’ve fall in love w/ the same man all over again. and it’s all because of the accident.

you see, i was so devastated by the accident, apart from the fact that it was due to one ignorance jerk on a motorbike, it occurred right in the middle of my busiest week. w/ all the pending assignments and plan i’ve made, this is something i really can’t handle. but, here i am running around making police report and all, when the due date for my assignment is act. tomorrow (i’m taking emergency leave today).

i need my car. i can’t afford to keep it in the workshop waiting for the insurance to pay for it. and this very part over here is when i think i’ve fall in love.

right after the accident, he sent me home and told me not to worry much. and that is all i can do last nite, worrying.

but w/o me knowing, he went to his boss place, sell off some of his work (do i need to explain this?), borrowed some cash from his colleague and agreed to do some odd job (house painting & help w/ packing as they are relocating) so that we can afford to pay the repair job. how do i know this? well he came by to my house soaking wet and showed me the cash he managed to get. and w/ some skill of black mailing, he told me where the money came from.

and on that very moment all i can do was looked at him in the eye and smile. we didn’t say a word but somehow we know for sure we always got each other’s back. cheeessyyyy aight?. but what the hell. i love you basit and will always do.

5 thoughts on “accidentally in love

  1. rawkstar says:

    but basit is mineeeeeeeee

  2. tp sapik tak nak aku....... says:

    yelah, kongsi tau anes. hik hik hik.

  3. Inty Winty says:

    Oh so sweet. Perlulah drama sampai dripping wet, beb? Hohoho.

  4. ashikin jiwa2.... says:

    harus hujan dan petir kan?…. korang… muntah pelan2 eh…

  5. azra says:

    sgt dramatic babe. but i like. hehe

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