i’m serious. freakin serious.

i know. i know. i still can’t figure out how to enable the comment feature. what the hell. and the layout is a tad too out there for me. just bear w/ me. semi mid-life crisis.

i’m a self-proclaimed stalker. i might know you better than you expected. fret not. i mean no harm. profile/photo browsing and blog hopping definitely do me good. i become who i am today. desperately trying to be the one and only. to be uniquely me. hahahahahaha. laugh. vain. kan anes?

i’m trying to write something serious act. being my first attempt, i failed miserably. i envy you. so young yet so loud. you make a statement as you utter your words. tsk. tsk. aik, td kate nak jd uniquely me. whatever.

wish me luck. to have the comment block again. so we can converse virtually. and because i love you all so much;

  1. abie
  2. riri
  3. anes
  4. azra

the small bunch of this blog groupie. awwwwwww.


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