.kalaulah aku mcm dia.

you see, aku selalu nak pertahankan yg aku ni pelik UNIK. mcm sebab ape aku spent my precious 4 years studied aerospace engineering when i have no intention what so ever to become LAE. it was simply because everybody else don’t. desperate to be different. hehehehe, that sure explain my peculiar taste in fashion. i mean no taste in fashion.

in my many attempts to be different, always i’ve found my self lost & meaningless. owh, serious shitte over here.

akhirnya aku setuju yg aku sebenarnye same jek seperti org lain. sibuk nak classified every petty things around us. sebok nak jd cool when the real meaning of COOL is totally based on some brainless judgement. cool ke to have your tongue pierced?.

finally i’ve just decided to be ME. doing things i love doing. singing songs i love singing. wearing the same ol’ black shirt i love wearing. ok, u get the idea. and while i’m at it, secretly i wanted to be like her.

p/s: lambatnye gaji


4 thoughts on “.kalaulah aku mcm dia.

  1. dils says:

    Hi Shikin! (extra chirpy, forced)

    When you mentioned ” wearing the same ol’ black shirt i love wearing “, suddenly I remembered you always did love black masa time skolah dulu bukan?

  2. ein asari says:

    hahaha. u got it rite babe. mcm punk-hardcore-emo wannabe. why la i never realized, black doesn’t do my ‘hitam-manis’ complexion any justice. i wear black w/ white stripes now.

  3. Riri says:

    Hahaha when you said you wanted to be like her, I silently wished it was me. Wakakaka. Mak perasaan uols.

  4. ein asari says:

    hahahahahaha. but babe, i always wanted to be like you. but come to think about it, having two you will only cause more benda-hitam-float-around-in-a -pan-of-frying-fish-that-you-can-only-wish-it’s-not-a-maggot. kan?…..

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