simply awe

i appreciate good story. be it fiction or the harsh reality. it shaped me. it makes me, ME. move on.

recently, i’ve started ‘life of Pi‘ by Yann Martel courtesy of my dear darling, tyiana. i love it. i was actually reading it in a speed of a sloth. taking my time absorbing every sentences, fret of missing out any event. i don’t want it to end. i want it to last all my life. i want to be Pi. he’s driven by his simple mind. he’s simple. just like that.

i love simplicity. that’s why i rather stays home. that’s why i have a very few friends. close friends. that’s why i always be under the radar. i’m anti social and crowd avoid-er. that’s why my life is as flat as witches tit or mine at least. bahahah.. that is the reason why i was actually being advice by the 80 years ol tony on how to have fun. sedih.

then come this movie; avatar. am truly lost in the world of piercing green and purple. where the night is brighter than the day. where all you need to worry is not to sleep walk when your hammock is hanging 100 feet from the solid ground. and having an accent w/ bad english is actually having a personality. after that 3 hrs, i’m very much certain that my life is simple but easy and beautiful and that my mom still remains complicated.

it’s like lord of the ring or 300. glorious in simplicity. how the great devil can be defeated by a ring and how 300 spartan slaughtered the thousands of persian by simply positioned themselves at the narrow canyon.  i celebrate the concept and i shall live by the idea.

so for 2010. i vow to be simply happy. simple and happy. i vow to be me.


One thought on “simply awe

  1. azra says:

    pomsss.. slamat tahun baru!! hehe

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