.:all and all:.

hahaha. i’ve got tonnes to write, thus bear w/ me. this is rather a long post.

first on my short vacay from basit. ceh, mcm terkongkong gile. but still it’s the best word to describe my newly found social status of being single. ;p. it was 2 long weeks mind you.

i spent it all being around those who matters to me. catching up, having lunch, and of course good long laugh. yeah, something that i need to do more often. am i sending out bad signal about basit? nah. he’s still the best thing ever happen to me. (PDA alert! PDA alert!)

so, where did i go? hmmm, out of thousands hang-out spots in kl, i always ended up in klcc. funny as i really hate that place. despite being the regular there, i still can’t figure out whether o’briens is on the right or the left wing. err, which wing is right by the way? darn. dan kalau sesat, mesti org nak ckp ‘aik, keje sini pon bole sesat’. damn you klcc!

i had my lunch at sari ratu along w/ riri & company. the authentic nasi padang eatery. it was excellent. ikan asam dia sgt masam. sambal merah di sgt pedas dan ayam special dia well special. jeez, i can’t never blog about food. tp kesimpulanya adalah; aku mesti kembali. oh, basit’s still in his quest for otak lembu (hissh, ape tu?). so sari ratu is the place to go. as for dinner, the whole of us decided to settle for san fransisco as chili’s is too ambitious on sat nite. failed to convince riri to opt for escargot, she ordered a pasta instead. a very sloopy pasta. maybe sloopy is not the word but you know what i mean.

but the highlight of the week should be the ‘isteri perentas masa’. finally, we managed to watch it together after a few almost oh-maybe-it’s-ok-to-watch-it-alone-first-and-pretend-that-had-never-watched-it-later moment (my first dvd was a wreck a riri’s unable to download the movie successfully). it was a good story but still think edward norton makes an excellent henry but eric bana did a good job nevertheless. and amy adams? she did ok. as for my favorite act to play clare,  audrey tautou, i might feel she is too much for her. sat religiously in front of telly waiting for that very moment to shed a few tears. yet i didn’t even get the watery eyes effect. bit dissapointed. alas, it was a weekend well spent.

i’m a safety geek now. B). and of course being a newbie. a dummy. i’v been sent to a training in PD on oil spill response. an excuse for a holiday i say. i was the only female there. it was both fun and tiring. the heavy equipment, the oversized coverall, the oversized safety boot, the oversized rubber boot, the heat, the sandy beach, the quiet town, the fame of being the only girl in a group of 40 men. what’s not to like?. i hate sea. i hate beach. i hate sunburn. always have and always will. yet, i can’t wait for the next series in cherating.

down and out.


2 thoughts on “.:all and all:.

  1. Ririblurry says:

    Sangat menyesal. Shud’ve tried the escargot since orang belanja. Kalau tak habis at least bukan duitku. The french onion soup was tops, though! Lagi, sangat stress dengan isteri perentas masa. Sigh. But then adaptasi buku mana yang seronok ditonton? Kecewa!

  2. ein asari says:

    kan?. but there’s always birthday when you’re allowed to do whatever, eat whatever, go wherever. so, any plan for birthday yet?

    babe, lord of the ring semestinya. adaptasi yg tiada tandingan. setuju?

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