it’s about time

dah lame tak jd internet junkie/stalker. so suddenly i’m in the mood to reconnect w/ everyone. pardon me. i might left unnecessary comment on ur blog/inbox.

finally, i understand that when suddenly someone you barely talk to asking on your well-being, she/he probably is getting married. yes dila, 9 out of 10 of us will do that.

aku terima hakikat. kite sume sama. keje, kahwen, swear at traffic, blog. dah sampai masa aku akui keadaan itu.

happy weekend loves!


2 thoughts on “it’s about time

  1. Waterlily says:

    heee…. alip tanya tak ko nak kawen ke tak? 🙂

  2. ein235 says:

    heh, surprisingly not. dia cuma sebok cite how busy he is being a wedding planner. :p

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