another week of SEMP and a good excuse to not doing anything.

it was raining for two days in a row and i couldn’t been happier.

received the big B and remember that my road tax is almost due.

the new boss from the new dept decided that i should take a holiday before joining the team. love it!

we are all going to sabah for team building courtesy of Newfield. this company rocks or what?

i’ve gained 5 kilos since i worked here and can no longer fit into size 24 pants. i’m now officially size 25. boroi kah?

i still rehearse any sentence i’m about to utter in my mind while talking to my mat salleh bosses.

i’m having trouble understanding tony’s joke. he’s an aussie mind you.

i can’t swim and in urge of rectifying that fact. if that fact is ever a problem.

i want a coffe machine.

and if one more person ever ask me when i’m getting married, i shall puke.

this is my first attempt of blog posting thru my humble phone. pardon me.


One thought on “randomness

  1. tyiara says:

    oh, i thought i’m the only one who couldn’t understand his jokes.

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