on the updates

kalau dah lama tak update blog mesti ada tendency nak tulis ‘hish, dah besawang dah blog neh’. well i’m not gonna do that. aku kan unik.

i just want to update myself of the happenings around me so bila satu hr aku baca blk post ni aku akan ckp ‘ hahahaha, apsal la aku tulis mcm ni? ‘…

update pertama, aku dah settlekan misi menawan kinabalu. it was one of the most unforgettable experience ever, both tiring and rewarding. apart from successfully deteriorated my beloved adidas’s trainer; the seafood in kk was superb.  oh, masa ke sabah, kitorg (16 of us) satu flight ngan budak2 sabah yg br blk dr PLKN. HUGE MISTAKE!. they were singing and buat keco menggelebah pasal nak blk kg diaorg during the whole 2-hr flight. 2 jam ok. 2 jam.

comfort food? sume tak best, seb baek ada ferrero rocher. damn u plkn-ers.

the 5 km. i swear i almost called it quit.

kedua. i’m expecting a lot of movement this month. eh, next month to be exact. so bln ni, adalah bln pack-the-stuff. not that i have a lot to pack pon. cume i love the packing process & that feeling of starting fresh which is something i really treasure. the new department is looking good. despite all that drama, i’m finally good to go. 🙂 and the new house. i hope to move in by april. keeping my finger crossed.

and lastly. i just need to update on ammar. now that i have him, i know for sure my life will never be the same. it never does anyways.


One thought on “on the updates

  1. Riri says:

    siapakah ammar? adakah dia kucing terkini? where lah is your new house? cukup ke fererro rocher 3 ketui untuk perjalanan 2 jam? mana gambar di puncak? hey, post yang tak informative! cepat update lagi!

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