i’ll make another post on the trip to low’s peak. complete with photos & the catchy captions. this i promise u riri.

i’m a big fan of random stuffs now and u can expect a lot coming up soon.

while i was driving last 2 weeks, i came across this poor little puppy stranded in the middle of the road. aku sgt suka anjing especially puppy and that was a good excuse to actually hold one. so right there in the mid junction i made a sudden stop, turn on my hazard lamp and frantically ran towards that lil fella. can u imagine how devastating i am when an indian guy on a motorbike reached the puppy first and grab it off the road and said ‘takpe, i angkat dia’. man, i saw it first!

last few weeks, i had this chance of knowing my 2 male colleagues a little better. surprisingly we do share some common interests with each other (we hate the same person & not a fan of lipstick in any hue). just when i felt that warm fuzzy feeling of having someone with whom i can bitch about anything, they dropped the big bomb. both of them. they’re resigning. pfffttt.

eh, random should be short & straight kan? oh, what the hell. i hate editing.


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