the man. the friend. the smile. and a cup of cappuccino.

taufiq shariff

[01.01.83 ~ 16.10.10]


i remember when we first met for the first time after 10 years. starbuck klcc. i bought him a cup of cappuccino and paid the cashier with lots of RM1 notes.  it was the only money that i had. but i promised him i’ll buy him a coffee. so i did.

we walked passed each other as he always had this meeting to attend in tower 1. meeting – the only thing he can do best. the cruel jokes i kept on telling him. but he gets it. he laughed it off, even at my cruel uncool obviously unfunny jokes. and damn, he sure was a funny man himself with that quirky smile.

i promised him i’ll buy  audi a4. i promised him i’ll help him to land a job in my company. i promised him i’ll call back. i promised him i’ll try harder. but i didn’t keep my promises. i should.


you will be missed. you will be remembered. thank you for letting us be part of your life.

we love you. always.



3 thoughts on “the man. the friend. the smile. and a cup of cappuccino.

  1. dils says:

    Felt surreal. I still kept on expecting, its a joke walaupon sudah tgk jenazah. Heartbreaking. Ingatkan Sabtu tu nak tanye if u wanna go to Kajang , tapi I think I don’t have your number kut?

  2. ein.asari says:

    i’m trying my very best to digest the fact that he’s gone. not that i’m close to him pun but he’s truly someone yg not easily slip off your mind you see. even ape yg borak2 kat telefon ngan dia pun aku ingat satu2.

    i really want to go actually, tp aku ada course start sabtu. tp sepanjang masa course tu jenuh tahan air mata.

    i never realized how a simple yet great man can gives such an impact to the people around him until i met taufiq shariff.

  3. rawkstar says:

    babe, tatau plak dia kawan ko.


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