am getting married

the place has been booked. the cards are all printed. said yes to the caterer. been to two tailors, each for baju nikah and reception dress. found the matching shoes.

bought a beautiful head gear. boxes full of wedding favours. one favourite singer.


surprisingly thousands more to do.


the date: 1st january 2011, saturday

the time: 8.00 pm onwards

the place: taman tasik titiwangsa


you’ll be invited. will drop by your inbox soon. pretty soon.


till then.



6 thoughts on “am getting married

  1. dils says:

    great venue! Aku remembered pergi a colleague nye wedding there, no muss, no fuss and exceptionally beautiful.

  2. ein235 says:

    dils, you are so invited! kakak verangan wedding dlm taman tau. dtgla klcc babe, kite g mkn san francisco. escargot. nyum nyum.

  3. aku escapist says:


    gua langsung tak setanding lu punya preparation.

    padahal gua kawen dulu.

    ohhh. kenapa tidak nerves ni??

  4. dils says:

    Haha. Thanks. I’ll try to come.

    We should totally make a date so you can give me your invite. Maybe bebila weekend. And aku tak taw pon ade escargots at San Francisco. Steakhouse or Pizza?

  5. ein235 says:

    escapist — lu sakit. and tak sempat nebes pun. tetiba jek dah nak kena sanding. dahsat la.

    dils — yup, a date! san fransisco steakhouse. yeay!!!

  6. tyiara says:

    *two thumbs up*

    congratulations seekin!

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