that pretty much sums up my life now. surprisingly it’s not because of thia. dia still lg behave, tak bnyk ragam which makes me wanna write about her. lets. abaikan dulu tajuk tu.

  • thia suka tido. she sleeps a lot. like a lot. masa the first 3 months, she will sleep for 4 hours, bangun for feeding and immediately tido blk. harus mcm tido spnjg hari mcm tu, except for that 10 to 15 mins of feeding time.
  • dia juga suka mandi, lama2 pun takpe. cuma mmg kena ada water heater la. if not she’ll screaming her lungs out. nangis betul2 ni. mcm kena pukul ke ape. few times bile kena pergi public toilet bole denga dia nangis raung2. haish.
  • she’s now almost 5 months. so far dia selsema dah 3 kali.the first time was obviously the worst. nangis tak bole tido sbb hidung sumbat. masa tu google baby center but it doesn’t help much. i didn’t took her to clinic also sbb nak bg dia fight off the virus herself. chewah. the second time dah ok dah, sbb dr bagi saline drop tu. effective but carefull not to overdo it. nanti stuffed nose might get worse. baca kat babycenter ni. other than that thia is a healthy baby. alhamdullillah. the strawberry hemangioma tu pun doesn’t grow much. i’m really a happy mother.
  • i managed to breastfed her till she was 2 months old. lps tu dah start campo2. bile dah start kena outstation pergi offshore lg, terus berhenti. mmg kena mentally prepared and strong. i think i gave up easily, kalau semangat lebeh sket mesti bole. so thia minum formula la skrg and she hasn’t start taking any solid food yet. later la. lgpun she’s doing fine w enfalac. nanti kite tggu apa kata dr ok.
  • i want to share these two brilliant products; first diapers. thia been using huggies since birth, ada sekali tuka drypers sbb dulu thia mcm halus je, so huggies selalu bocor. tp drypersnye sticker tu slalu failed. bnyk yg tak bole pakai so i started using huggies again and am so loving it. the best ever huggies ultra. kalau kat tempat lain mahal sket (around $40 for size M40) but i bought them at speed 99 $28 je for M40. huggies ultra using all this organic stuff so apart from being super absorptive it’s also hypoallergenic. i love it. love love love it. second one is bud’s baby cream. organic base so i have no problem to apply the cream on thia’s face. dulu masa breastfed, dia kena rashes kat muka. sapu cream tu ari ni, insyallah esok hilang. cool kan? pastu cream ni applicable from head to toe, since i don’t like diapers cream (because of the cream thickness); this cream really comes in handy. lebih kurang mcm all in one la cream ni and who doesn’t like that kan?.

hahaha, sudahnye cerita psl thia jugak… mak-mak sgt. okla nak cite sikit psl keje.

come new year, i’m assuming a new task. rasa mcm susah jek but knowing my boss, i think i can cope. no pressure but of course he expected me to deliver. his comment during my last year assessment was i need to be more in the know. to talk to those managers and able to convey my ideas well, so this year i have this bi-weekly analysis i need to present to them. me, alone. so far the crowd was pretty much tough. ada jek comment and cynical remarks, but i’ll survive. being the only girl in the group really help alot. tee hee. equality konon and yet i prefer to be treated this way.

everyday, i have a production morning meeting to attend. started before 8 this meeting can really be dragged up to lunch hour. meeting ni dtg tunjuk muka je, and kadang2 kena ckp sket2 supaya nmpk poyo depan org production. we will call each of our platform for any updates on production or issue. and biasalah, kalau dah nama lelaki, most of the discussion will somehow deviate to ‘oh-duduk-offshore-adalah-gersang’. lame lah.

so, kerja adalah penat skrg. maka harus berangan2 nak ke over sea. konon2 release tension. before i go, here’s thia in my favourite shot. 😀


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